We Install Recessed LED Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans,
and Decorative Light Installation Service

Proper lighting helps create a peaceful ambiance in your home. And when you want lights installed, you want it done correctly and quickly... with no mess. That is exactly what Right Way Lighting delivers. That is why our clients are so happy with our work. 

Improve the look and feel of your rooms with recessed lighting


Recessed lighting is one the most versatile lighting systems available and can be used for:

  • Ambient Lighting - general lighting in a home that is warm and inviting

  • Task Lighting - brighter light for a particular task area like for reading or writing

  • Accent Lighting - highlight decorative aspects of your home like a piece of art


When you choose LED recessed lighting, it is also energy efficient. Energy saving dimming controls can further reduce the usage of electricity.

When you are ready to get started, a Right Way Lighting expert works with you during a free in-home estimate to determine the best design for your recessed lighting.

The lighting design is determined by three things:

  1. area of the home or object to be illuminated

  2. specific lighting fixture location

  3. your particular taste in lighting effect

After a final walk-through, we prepare your home and protect the entire work area with a plastic enclosure. From there, our simple and innovative Recessed LED Lighting installation process can begin. Most installations are completed in just one day.

recessed LED lighting

Recessed LED Lighting

One Day Kitchen Lighting Remodel

Right kitchen lighting brings out the best in your cabinets, countertops, and food


A kitchen is the heart of a home. In addition to being a functional area for cooking and eating, it is often used for entertaining family and friends. That is why it is so important to have kitchen lighting that is inviting. If you have old fluorescent lights and would like to update the lighting and look of your kitchen, recessed LED lighting is a great option. It saves on energy costs, provides light that is pleasing and has a much longer life expectancy than old fluorescent lights.


With all kitchen lighting remodels, you get :

  • One-day installation

  • Patching and texture as needed, so it is left ready for paint

  • Crown moulding (if desired)

  • Clean and dust free process

Ceiling Fan Installation

outdoor ceiling fans - ceiling fan installation near me

Improve Comfort and Airflow with
Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fans


In hot weather, ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler by circulating air, which saves on air conditioning bills. In cooler weather, they can be used to push hot air down from ceilings to make the room more comfortable and lower heating bills.

Whether you want a new ceiling fan installation or to replace an old ceiling fan or light, installations can be tricky. Some ceiling fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds and require replacement of existing electrical boxes for safety. In addition, wiring switches to give you full control of the fan and lights can be complicated.


So if you would like some expert help, Right Way Lighting can install your indoor or outdoor ceiling fans for you and ensure it is done in a safe and convenient way.


As with all our lighting projects, we protect the work area with plastic and ensure that everything is cleaned up when we are finished.

Decorative Lighting

light installation service

A simple lighting change can make a huge difference in your home.  


Chandeliers can embellish a small alcove, create an elegant entryway, or add a charming touch to a room. Different styles and materials such as crystal, bronze, or antique brass can add a distinctive design to a room. 

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can give your room a modern, designer look. Create a new look in a bedroom, bar area or a bathroom with sleek shapes and finishes. Or, change the atmosphere in living rooms and larger dining rooms with a large pendant light.  

Wall Sconces

Sconces provide ambient light that gives a room warmth. While ceiling lights disperse illumination downward and out, sconces brighten each wall and give walls a bit of decoration too. Contemporary and modern wall sconces give a space distinction, while other styles provide a distinctive personality and sense of direction when decorating.

Electrical Work

Install EV Charging Station

Dimmers/ Switches/ Outlets

While we specialize in lighting installations, we are happy to help you with other electrical work, including dimmer, switches and outlet installations.

EV Charger Installation

The convenience and increasing range of electric vehicles has made them a popular choice. If you have purchased or are planning to purchase an EV, we can install your home EV charging stations to make charging fast and convenient.