LED Lighting, Kitchen Ceiling Lights, 
and Modern Kitchen Lighting


The Right kitchen lighting brings out the best in your cabinets, countertops, and food!


A kitchen is the heart of a home. In addition to being a functional area for cooking and eating, it is often used for entertaining family and friends. That is why it is so important to have kitchen lighting that is inviting. If you have old fluorescent lights and would like to update the lighting and look of your kitchen, recessed LED lighting is a great option. It saves on energy costs, provides light that is pleasing and has a much longer life expectancy than old fluorescent lights.


With all kitchen lighting remodels, you get :


  • Energy-efficient LED recessed lights

  • One-day installation

  • Patching and texture as needed, so it is left ready for paint

  • Crown moulding (if desired)

  • Clean and dust free process

Kitchen Recessed Lighting

kitchen recessed lighting

One of the first changes implemented in any kitchen remodel is the installation of recessed LED kitchen lighting. Kitchen recessed lighting offers a clean look and can be used throughout the room space. 


Make a Plan for LED Kitchen Lighting


Right Way Lighting starts each kitchen recessed lighting job by helping you create a lighting plan. The first step is to assess the kitchen space and lighting effect desired. The next step is to measure your room to see how many fixtures will be needed. Our rule of thumb is to use one recessed light for every 5 square feet of kitchen ceiling space. This rule assumes that you are going to use recessed ceiling lights exclusively to illuminate your kitchen. We adjust this number based on lighting effects and the use of other lights.


We try to position recessed lights around the perimeter of your kitchen. If we are able, we aim them at the countertop edges. The lights can illuminate work areas or the sink. An advantage is that this layout helps to avoid creating shadows from people that are at the counters working.


Please note that these are basic kitchen lighting ideas; the exact placement of lights will depend on your unique room space.

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

kitchen pendant lighting - kitchen recessed lighting

The kitchen island pendant is often considered the jewelry of the kitchen. This remarkable modern kitchen lighting helps to add both function and pizzazz. Right Way Lighting will help refine your choice from unlimited attractive options. Our experience with hundreds of prior installations will help direct you to the best style of pendant to fit your specific kitchen.



Pendant lights are available in hundreds of decorative styles. It is best to start your selection process by considering the function of the light rather than the aesthetic style of the fixture.



Your kitchen's existing lighting is the primary factor in determining the required illumination from pendant lights. A space with many large windows may not need much more daytime ambient light. A serious chef might need extra light on counters for tasks like chopping.  Kitchens with adequate recessed lighting may need a little decorative sparkle to catch the eye. A study of existing lights helps us know how pendant lights can help fill in the gaps.

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

kitchen under cabinet lighting

Lighting is the most important design consideration for a kitchen. It allows you to see what you are stirring in the pot or cutting on your chopping block. It also provides the aesthetics of your kitchen space.



Many homeowners focus on overhead lighting. We believe that you should also install under cabinet lighting. We offer a variety of light fixtures as kitchen under cabinet lighting. These lights are essential for your kitchen workspace lighting and aesthetic highlights. We want to share with you our comprehensive understanding of under cabinet lighting. Our consultation will address all the critical features you should consider when selecting the right under cabinet lighting.



It is important to note that under cabinet lighting is not just a good choice for the kitchen. We can show you how to use it wherever you have cabinets installed.

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